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ri-scope® retinoscope (skiascope)

  • The ri-scope® retinoscope (skiascope) measures the refractive power of the eye. Errors of refraction, such as in short and long-sightedness, as well as astigmatism can be recognised and determined.
  • Choice of XL 3.5 V xenon lamp or HL 2.5 V halogen lamp.
  • Two models are available:
    - The spot-light retinoscope projects a circular light beam.
    - The slit-light retinoscope with a light beam in the form of a line, simplifies recognition and the determination of astigmatic refractive errors. The reflex in the form of a line is moved vertically to the axis across the pupils of the patient with a slight oscillating movement. The shadow moves in the same or opposite direction.
    Co-movement (plus lines): The patient is long-sighted.
    Counter-movement (minus lines): The patient is short-sighted.
  • Simple operation with knurled thumb screw. The line and spot image can be focussed with the operating element and turned 360º, angle can be read off the integrated scale.
  • Holder for hanging and fixing the fixation card into position for dynamic retinoscopy.
  • Two fixation cards supplied. The patient’s eye can adjust optimally to the distance to the retinoscope.
  • Integrated eyeglass protection.
  • Bayonet fitting for fast and secure attachment to the handle.
  • Dust-tight, very sturdy and light casing made of impact resistant plastic.
  • Simple exchange of the lamp at the base of the instrument head.

The slit and spot image can be turned 360° with the knurled thumb screw. The respective angle can be read-off directly on the scale.

The fixation cards may be placed on the holder and be fixed.


Co-movement, Far-sightedness

Counter- movement, Near-sightedness

Line outside the axis, Astigmatism

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Physician’s side

Patient’s side

The ri-scope® retinoscope (skiascope) is available with circular light beam or light beam in the form of a line.


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